The Emotions of Love and Life

Ravinder Singh is has known to be one of the most popular romance writers in India, after his debut novel. Although he has written many novels after that, he is still remembered for his first one, “I Too Had A Love Story.” Unlike his other books, this story is not fiction, although it is classified as one. Through this novel, Ravinder Singh bares out his feelings for his lamented love, Kushi, who he had been engaged to.

The plot of the story is quite a routine one. It’s about a couple, madly in love with each other, and when they are yet to be engaged, one of them meets with a fatal accident. Hence, they are separated forever. Okay, but how would such a story effect one forever? It depends on the way in which it is put forth to the reader. This novel is written in the first person, and in a simple language that reflects his honesty and his true feelings for the subject in his book.


Starting off from the point where the guy, Ravin, talks to his girl, Khushi, for the first time and then they fall for each other. Their love for each other reaches to a point where they just can’t stay away from each other at all but have to. Finally, their relationship gets to move to next level as they’d get engaged soon. But fate has something else for them. Khushi meets with a terrible accident just two days before their engagement and is admitted to a hospital but dies, a few days later.

The important part of the novel comes here. It’s about what the guy undergoes when the girl he’s supposed to marry is lying, more or less, like a dead body in the hospital bed with needles and plasters all over her body.  I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you but the scene right before Khushi dies, will movie any kind of audience. It would be very difficult for one to hold back their tears as they read the last 30-40 pages of the novel. And the impact is stronger because of the fact that the story of the novel is based on the past events of the author’s life. It talks about the beauty of lost love, that keeps you alive, yet kills you, slowly.

This book seems to be inspired by the Love Story by Eric Segal, however, it lacks the literary prowess and maturity in Segal’s work. Still, it is not a bad desi version of the same. The narration style is amateurish but pleasant and fresh.

Quotes From I Too Had A Love Story By Ravinder Singh Sasi I Too Had A Love Story - Ravinder Singh

Stories always don’t need a proper, happy ending. Certain stories are beautiful just as they end abruptly. ‘I too had a love story’ is one such beautiful tale. One would definitely enjoy it if they lovee to read mushy romance. I would suggest that one must read this book from the perspective of a man who had lost the love of his life and has decided to keep her alive by turning her into a story, and only then would they comprehend the true essence of the book and the emotions behind its words.


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